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24 Jeff Park Townhomes

Address: 2602 W. 24th Ave, Denver, CO 80211 in the Jefferson Park Neighborhood

Year Built: 2013

Units: 28 Luxury Townhomes

Amenities:  Pricing starting at $399,000


Jefferson Park Townhomes


Located between Colfax Boulevard to the south and Speer Boulevard to the north, Jefferson Park sits perched over the downtown Denver skyline. Jefferson Park is named for the 6.7-acre park located on West 23rd Avenue and Clay Street in the heart of the neighborhood. The Jefferson Park neighborhood is known for being the home to Sports Authority Field at Mile High and for its stunning views of the Downtown skyline. The neighborhood offers immediate access to downtown Denver via the 23rd Street bridge, which leads to the Riverfront areas of downtown.  Additionally, the neighborhood is immediately adjacent to the LoHi, Highlands, and Sloan’s Lake neighborhoods which have all seen a renaissance and flurry of activity over the past decade.  Jefferson Park is quickly becoming the next up and coming neighborhood and several important projects are underway in the neighborhood. Because of Jefferson Park’s proximity to the central business district and the area’s most active neighborhoods for young professionals, Jefferson Park has become one of the most attractive areas for new residential development.  Over 550 for-rent multifamily units are under construction in the direct neighborhood and numerous single family and multifamily for sale projects are being planned and/or breaking ground. Recently there have been a number of restaurants and retailers attracted to the neighborhood, including Corner House at Clay Street and West River Drive which is a creation of Chef Matt Selby. Jefferson Park is being discovered as an urban district that is both remarkably close to downtown Denver and still relatively affordable and a location with strong appreciation prospects for buyers. The neighborhood is quickly becoming the desired neighborhood for buyers looking for quality in proximity to downtown.